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Creative Questions

Why there are some people who are living a good life and that being a desire of many is not lived by them.
Why are there only few people who live all that they want and many are compromising their desires taking the support of some philosophical beliefs?
Is it specific talent? There are many people who are very talented and skillful but could not create what others have created in the same field. WHY?
Is it hard work? If hard work is the condition then there are many who are working hard yet not experiencing what they want. WHY?
Is it about opportunities and having a proper vehicle? There are millions who are in same opportunity and wonderful vehicle yet not reaching where they want to be. WHY?
Is it academic qualification? There are many who do not have significant academic qualification yet they are rich and wealthy. WHY?
Is it training and knowledge? We know, many people, who have the same teacher, same books, and same infrastructures yet are having mediocre experiences. WHY?
Is it about dreams and goals? There is no doubt that every physical human have desires and dreams. Yes many of them possess a valid goals but they are just in the habit of setting a goal but not able to achieve it. WHY?
Is it following successful people?  But many are fulfilling all the recommended conditions of successful people but yet not experiencing the results. WHY?
Is it about actions? Many are doing the same action steps, planning, strategies and all the other things that are used professionally by those who have already reached and yet not getting the same results. WHY?
Is it investing time? They give the same amount of time as prescribed by people who are living what they want. Yet many are not experiencing their desires. WHY?
Many people follow healthy diet but not keeping well while some could not attract such foods but they can carry heavy loads  WHY?
In spite of so much of medical advancement & healing segments there is increase in illness. WHY?
Many people do their duty to their near dear ones, fulfill the task of their superiors but find themselves in the issue of hatred from same people. WHY?
Humans console themselves by some other reasons of luck, karma or fate and there are many beliefs developed such as law of average, lack of professionalism or requirement of money and so on. When things are not happening to you one of the common advices you receive is to do more actions. In those conditions of stagnation and desperation your skillful action and more action will not yield any results. You must find a way to vibrate better, yes it is not doing more in resistance, it is finding way to feel what you want irrespective of reality. We will be experiencing some of the natural truths practiced unconsciously by those who are living what you want  as we travel together in the path of AUTHENTIC NATURAL TRUTH and unfold the power of experiencing delicious life.